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CIM for Planning

The CIM for Planning project extended the IEC 61968/70 Common Information Model (CIM) standards to support planning applications – specifically, the exchange of static and dynamic power system network models used in planning studies. A key objective was to enable the management, maintenance, and use of a single, common network model for use by both planning and operations.


The project introduced the concept of a Network Model Manager and Repository (NMMR). The high priority business processes involving both planning and operational applications that would use this common network model were identified and documented in the form of use cases. Key interfaces and data requirements to be supported by the extended CIM standard were mapped to the existing CIM Unified Modeling Language (UML) model. New extensions to support these planning interfaces were then defined.


A new Planning Profile for static load flow model exchange between planning applications was defined. Interoperability testing was developed to validate the new profile and CIM extensions. The proposed CIM extensions for planning were then presented to the IEC for inclusion in the next release of the CIM standards.


CIM for Dynamics

The CIM for Dynamics project is a continuation of the CIM for Planning project, and is following the same project life cycle as CIM for Planning to develop CIM extensions for the exchange of dynamic models. The primary objective to develop a common model and set of interface profiles based on the CIM that supports the exchange of dynamic models and data between different planning applications and equipment suppliers, as well as between planning applications and operation.  This is needed for many reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is the maintenance and accuracy of the models used for dynamic simulations.


As the complexity of generation and loads served increases, there is a need for a standard way to exchange dynamic data in a more efficient manner and ensures data is consistent and accurate. Work that was begun in the CIM for Planning project is being continued with more depth. XML/RDF model files are being developed for use, interoperability tests are scheduled, and proposed extensions will be submitted to the IEC for consideration in the next release of the CIM standards.



UCTE is an association of transmission system operators in Europe, responsible for the supply of electricity to 450 million people. UCTE undertakes projects to improve data security, data management, and transmission development planning across its member utilities. UCTE launched its own XML-based data exchange format and later decided to investigate application of CIM standards for this purpose.


The CIM for UCTE project was formed to coordinate UCTE needs with the CIM for Dynamics project, and to better coordinate requirements definition and interoperability testing.


UCA Co-Lab

UCA Co-Lab is a project site focused on maximizing the user group's return on its investment in Sharepoint. UCA and CIMug are working with a nationally recognized Microsoft business partner toward this end. This project is open to any UCA members who have an interest in leading-edge collaboration methods.


The first focus, currently underway, is to design and deliver e-mail enablement for all discussions on UCA project and working group sites. Several groups are using Yahoo groups or SmarterMail accounts, which are not integrated with the UCA Sharepoint environment. This group will define requirements in more detail and help test and deliver the solution to CIMug members.


Project Membership

EPRI is the sponsor of the first two projects mentioned above. Those projects are funded by utilities (both utilities that are EPRI members and those that aren't). 


Each of these projects has a collaboration site requiring CIMug site accounts and project membership. Links to these sites will appear on the panel to the left for project members.


For further information, or if you would like to launch a CIMug-hosted project, please contact the CIMug Co-Chairs (Terry Saxton or Randy Rhodes).