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CIMug > CIMug Announcements > Site Login Problems (Read First!!)  

CIMug Announcements: Site Login Problems (Read First!!)


Site Login Problems (Read First!!) 


After migrating all the UCA SharePoint sites to the new internet service provider (ISP) this past weekend, we are seeing a number of login issues, specifically on the CIMug site.  We have tested the issue extensively on all versions of the most popular browsers and have discovered the root cause to be old cookies that are still being saved in the user's browser.
If you are experiencing login issues, please delete any UCAIug related browser cookies and attempt to login again.
If you do not know how to remove cookies from your browser, please see the following links for your browser:
If you are still experiencing login issues after removing your UCAIug related browser cookies, please contact Tony Adams at for support.  In your email, please include what operating system, browser, and the URL you are trying to access.
Thank You,
UCA Website Support


Created at 4/20/2010 4:09 PM  by tony.adams 
Last modified at 8/6/2010 12:54 PM  by randy.rhodes