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CIM Model Exchange and Naming

Since the Common Information Model is all about power system data, this working group is critical for the success of the CIM.  The Model Exchange and Naming Working Group is tasked with formulating global and unambiguous reference designations for electrical power system objects defined within the CIM. With regard to data models, the group is concerned with the definition of Model Authority Sets, model boundaries, model notations, and the rules of model exchange. The group manages the development and documentation of specifications associated with model conventions.


The CIM supports a reference designation system that can be used for globally unique identification of Power System Resources. A Master Resource Identification (MRID) provides this unique identifier and provides benefits such as support for integration of a network model and an asset model within electric utilities.


This page is available for use by this working group. Documents from prior meetings are shown below.


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 Model Exchange

Model Exchange TF Report.pptModel Exchange TF Reportstephen.lai
Study_on_CimUcte_Formats_UCTE_DEF_CIM_CPSM.pdfStudy_on_CimUcte_Formats_UCTE_DEF_CIM_CPSMSystem Account
UCTE-format.pdfUCTE-formatSystem Account
Model Exchange.pptModel ExchangeSystem Account
cim_ug_taskforce_model_exchange_report_20051104.doccim_ug_taskforce_model_exchange_report_20051104System Account
61970-454-Rev1.doc61970-454-Rev1System Account
Designing Model Exchange Processes paper.docDesigning Model Exchange Processes paperSystem Account


The Naming Problem in Power System Interoperability.docThe Naming Problem in Power System Interoperabilitytiffany.gibby
WG13 use case Modeling the Interconnect.docWG13 use case Modeling the InterconnectSystem Account
cim_ug_taskforce_naming_report_20051104.doccim_ug_taskforce_naming_report_20051104System Account
61970-454-Rev2.doc61970-454-Rev2System Account